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iOS Engineer
Android Engineer
Product Designer (Regular-to-Senior)
Senior Android Engineer
Backend Engineer
Frontend Engineer @Social Media Platform
Senior Frontend Engineer
Senior Backend Engineer
Senior iOS Engineer
IT Recruitment Specialist
Senior SysOps Engineer
QA Engineer @e-commerce platform
Business Development Specialist
Frontend Engineer

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About us

We are a group of passionate software development experts. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs build and grow their revolutionary businesses. Working with us, you enter a product-oriented environment where you’ll have a long-term impact on the shape of our client’s products and satisfaction with every step of their development.


We care about what we do. When we see that something needs to be done,
we don’t wait until somebody else initiates the change. Each of us has the power
to make our company better. Taking ownership shows others that they can trust you
to do the right thing.

Engineering is about finding optimal solutions for real challenges. It’s about looking
at the simplest way to solve changing problems. Pragmatism is about measuring and acting fast
based on simple data. If something works, we do it, when it doesn’t, we don’t.
We don’t look for ideal things, just because they don't exist - but we strive
to find the best solution from a time and quality perspective.

We believe that people we work with have good intentions. When one makes a decision,
we believe one tried to make the best decision at that moment. But each of us needed to prove
that we are a person to trust. Being open to discussion, sharing argumentation when one
takes actions and being a person that admits to being wrong when we are wrong.
Trust allows us to build long-lasting relationships with our employees and partners.

We never stop learning. We should be excited to learn and try new things. Even if it leads
to making a bad call. After all, a bad decision is better than none. We aren’t afraid to be wrong.
We are curious if we are right. We use our curiosity to build a deep understanding
of how things really work.

Team spirit
We are collaborative on the problems we face. We work together for the common good
and we are supporting each other. We rely on other team members and we aren’t afraid
to ask for help. Being a team player means we succeed and fail as a team.

Client-oriented approach
Listen and learn from your customer. We constantly listen to customers (internal and external),
and then continuously test, enhance, and personalize customer experience. See the bigger picture
and care about the final product, even if it takes a trade-off, always treating long term
satisfaction as priority.

Our Perks & Benefits

  • Spacious and comfortable office in the heart of Poznań
  • Flexible office hours and remote work possibilities
  • Premium private healthcare plan
  • Life insurance
  • Free group English lessons with native speakers
  • Co-financed software conferences attendance
  • Paid vacation and sick leave
  • Workation program
  • Internal webinars, workshops and rich knowledge base
  • Chillout space with Xbox
  • Integration trips and parties
  • Impact on the work environment
  • Rich library of technological books
  • A lot of internal initiatives
  • Possibility to travel globally and meeting clients


Here at AppUnite, we took remote work to a new level, and we call it workation.

Each winter we decide next years summer office, and there are few basic rules we follow: it needs to be far, it needs to be exotic, it needs to be sunny and it needs to have a private swimming pool! Workation helps us tighten the relationships between the team members and simply get to know each other better. We get to know new places, experience different cultures and power up for the rest of the year. If you want to learn more, take a look here and here.

Lisbon Workation 2019

A great place to work


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AppUnite HQ

Droga Dębińska 3A/3

AppUnite HQ

Droga Dębińska 3A/3
61-555 Poznań