SysOps Engineer @e-commerce platform

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SysOps Engineer @e-commerce platform

Job description

Salary range 9.000 - 15.000 PLN net/month B2B

Who are we?

Not a software-house for sure, not a product company either. We try to take the best from both of these approaches. We build deep, long-last relationships based on mutual trust. Our clients have insight into the smallest details of our work and direct communication channels create a feeling of sitting next to the team. We foster a spirit of collaboration and try to work as one team with one goal.

We are a goal-oriented, highly specialized group of engineers developing product for one of Poland's biggest e-commerce company.

On job boards, you can often see that having an influence is advertised as a benefit. Well, we think that this is a good start. For us, your impact is actually desirable and required. We believe that mutual and honest feedback will allow us to build a better team, better product and is a great opportunity for personal growth.

We work, succeed and fail as a team. We are eager to help each other in difficult moments. In terms of teamwork, let's talk about another, often mentioned perk - code review. Of course, we also do it on a daily basis, but again this is only a starting point. We often work collectively on a matter with such tools as pair-programming or Event Storming. In such conditions, obligatory code review becomes redundant, it's just a tool.

We foster a culture of learning and experimentation. You will be able to validate your ideas on the production from day one. Do you think that tuning that query will reduce page load time by 50%? Or maybe changing the placement of that button will boost product conversion rates vastly? No problem, let's check and measure that!

Of course, everyone makes bad calls sometimes. This is natural and there is nothing wrong with that. The worst thing would be not learning those lessons and keeping that knowledge for yourself.

What do we do?

We are giving millions of Poles the ability to buy and sell a vast variety of things. From a pencil to a car, from common, everyday items to real rare aves. Lightweight and convenient process, tailor-made for casual sellers, safety built-in the product DNA and competitive prices - these are key attributes that describe our approach.

We want to redefine customer experience and be the largest C2C marketplace in Poland.

Can we count on you?


  • Fluent knowledge of Linux,
  • Familiarity with GCP products (Cloud SQL, networking, managed clusters),
  • Knowledge about maintaining PostgreSQL instances,
  • Experience in supporting production environments,
  • Experience with running production workloads operating on k8s and Docker,
  • Understanding of security best practices,
  • Understanding of deploying and running highly available, fault-tolerant systems,
  • Being an open-minded, curious and pragmatic person. Go-get-it attitude,
  • Working knowledge of site reliability like SLA, risk management, health checks, monitoring, alerting.

Nice to have:

  • experience in building CI/CD pipelines (we use Gitlab),
  • DevOps mindset (have you read Accelerate ? Let's talk about it!),
  • production experience in Message Brokers (preferably Kafka),
  • IaC approach.

You will:

  • Identify and anticipate system-level risks,
  • Tweak monitoring and alerting tools also provide dev team guidance on how to leverage them to make code observable,
  • Support a large application based on Docker and k8s, written in Elixir,
  • Design and deploy disaster recovery policy,
  • Enable engineers to use infrastructure,
  • Be a part of our on-call schedule rotation.


  • Opportunity to participate in and help organize internal and/or public events, like board game/poker meetups, afterparty events (we meet online too!)
  • Participation in writing the perfect AppUnite’s employee guidebook, which explains and makes all of our internal processes transparent,
  • Book formula - Buy-a-Book program - an opportunity for any educational book you may want to be purchased by the company,
  • Possibility to work from an exotic location (Thailand or Portugal) as part of our workation program,
    • Spacious office space in the Poznań city center if you prefer meeting your colleagues on site,
    • Freedom to participate in any weekly organisation/R&D/code review internal meetups,
    • Free group English lessons with native speakers and other members of AppUnite,
    • The piggy bank - dedicated activities fund for each team member,
    • Flexible office hours and remote work possibility,
    • Co-financed software conferences attendance,
    • Co-financed multisport membership,
    • Paid vacation and sick days,
    • Private life insurance,
    • Private healthcare,
    • New MacBook.