Ruby I> Elixir Developer

  • Poznań, Poland

Ruby I> Elixir Developer

Job description

We're ex-RubyOnRails development agency, which gets crazy about Elixir possibilities.

We can boast of many projects from our portfolio that were successful thanks to Elixir, which help us 
providing real value to the customer and users, not wasting time compromising on performance problems.

We believe that a good Ruby developer can be a great Elixir developer (we explain why here: Beyond Ruby Developer). If you already are a Ruby developer, please join us and help us become the best Elixir development agency in Europe.

Working at AppUnite, you will:

  • work on Elixir applications,.
  • take part in designing the architecture of applications,
  • work on deployments,
  • work with git repositories,
  • communicate with a team of developers, designers, project managers, and other team members to ship new features. 


  • Competitive salary,

  • Big and comfortable office in the heart of Poznań,

  • Flexible office hours and remote work possibility,

  • Freedom to participate in any weekly initiatives/R&D/code review/internal meetups,

  • Freedom to co-organize and/or attend any internal or public AppUnite events, like board game/poker meetups, afterparty events, Elixir/Front-end Poznan meetups,

  • Possibility to work from our Workation mansion wherever it is located (i.e. Thailand, Portugal),

  • Possibility to fly and meet our clients directly at their home location (i.e. Los Angeles, Las Vegas),

  • Co-financed software conferences attendance,

  • MacBook Pro,

  • Free group English lessons with native speakers and other members of AppUnite,

  • Access to and possibility to shape AppUnite’s employee guidebook that explains our internal processes and makes them transparent

  • Private medical insurance,

  • Paid vacation and sick leave.


Must have:

  • production experience with **Elixir/Phoenix** or modern web development languages, i.e., Ruby/Rails, Python, Go, Node.js, etc.,
  • experience building RESTful or GraphQL APIs,
  • deep understanding of the best practices required to build genuinely web-scale applications,
  • experience working with relational databases,
  • focus on writing prudent and meaningful tests.

Nice to have:

  • being familiar with Domain Driven Design, good architectural and software design skills,
  • understanding of Scrum and Agile methodologies,
  • at least basic knowledge of some DevOps skills (Docker, Kubernetes).

About us

AppUnite is a Software Development house based in Poznan, Poland. We deliver software to a range of companies all around the world since 2009. We always pick the newest software trends when implementing applications for our clients. We work remotely and onsite with clients from the US, Europe and Asia.

Even though we started as a mobile applications software house, nowadays we have equally large groups of back-end and front-end developers as well. Our main tech stack includes Swift/Kotlin/Flutter for mobile apps, Elixir for the back-end, Vue/React for the front-end.

We follow new ways of an async way of working: Asana/Slack + Git + CI. We always convince our clients (mainly with success 😉) that working with legacy solutions rarely is a good idea. Every week we do a company-wide session on our internal processes. We host let it swift - iOS meetups and Poznan Elixir Group meetups. For two years, we’ve been running a Workation programme in remote locations like Thailand or Portugal to keep ourselves in high spirits and get that gorgeous tan.