ReactJS Developer

  • Poznań, Poland

ReactJS Developer

Job description



  • Private healthcare plan

  • Private insurance plan
  • Competitive salary
  • Office in the heart of Poznań
  • Team retreats, breakfasts and parties
  • Macbook and a shiny monitor
  • Workation program (more info here:
  • Chill room with xbox, fifa and a hammock
  • Monthly budget for small requests
  • but above all - great atmosphere!



  • strong knowledge of React,
  • awareness of state management patterns and solutions (e.g. Redux / Mobx),
  • practice in using ES2015+ ,
  • HTML5 APIs knowledge,
  • CSS3 knowledge,
  • experience with Responsive Web Design,

Nice to have:

  • React Native knowledge,
  • knowledge of testing Javascript code (Enzyme, Jest, Karma, Mocha etc.),
  • familiarity with different styling solutions such as PostCSS, SASS, CSS Modules,
  • knowledge of common JS libraries (lodash/ramda/underscore, Moment.js, react-intl, redux-form etc.),
  • familiarity with tools such as Webpack / Babel / Eslint,
    1. knowledge of:Single Page App architecture,
    2. type systems - Flowtype, Typescript,
  • some experience in
    1. :Server Side Rendering, code-splitting,
    2. front-end performance and/or SEO optimisation,