Junior Android Developer @fitness app

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Junior Android Developer @fitness app

Job description

See you @ fitness app team

Who are we?

We are an 8-person team (including you) who work for the world’s most famous fitness program.
Every day we help our client to best meet the needs of users so that fitness classes are conducted in the best possible way using our mobile applications.

What do we do?

On a daily basis, we work, expand, and support 4 mobile applications, which were entirely created by our team. We are also looking forward to starting a new very interesting and so far the biggest project, which will happen within few months.

Our applications use as many media capabilities of a mobile device as you can think of. Starting from music and video playback, through recording, editing, and streaming, ending on picture processing utilizing machine learning. They also integrate casting devices, like Chromecast or Firestick.

In order to keep all of these features in good shape and be able to consistently add value to our client's products, we use the industry's best practices and technologies. Our tech stack is based on Kotlin, Dagger 2, RxJava, Glide, Mockk, MVP/MVVM. We pay attention to testing, good code quality, and regular code reviews. We also take care of continuous integration with help of Gitlab CI. 

In the upcoming project, we plan to make our tech stack even fresher and base it on Coroutines/Flow, Hilt, and Jetpack Compose, all that backed by MVI architecture.

As you see, there is much to do and even more to learn! Join us to find out :)



We are looking for a person with at least 1-year of commercial experience, eager to learn new things. You should have knowledge about RxJava, Dagger2, Retrofit2, OkHttp3, and JUnit4. Experience in Kotlin Coroutines/Flow, Hilt, and Jetpack Compose would also be your big advantage, as we plan to use them in the new project, but don't worry if you do not have it, we will help you gather it! 

On daily basis, we work in Polish, but we want you to be able to freely discuss possible solutions with the client in English, so be sure this is ok for you. You can work remotely, but there will also be a place for you in our Poznań office.

Our recruitment idea

We have projects from different sectors, using a variety of technology stacks, startup or enterprise environments, and in different phases of the product life cycle which require different skills and levels of experience from candidates. You can switch teams, but by mutual agreement between you and your leaders - it's all about discussion. This means that you won't be thrown into "projects” for a week and switch between them weekly, which sometimes happens in traditional software houses. Instead, you can plan your career path with us, since when you want to switch your technology, sector, team, or position, we will support you. Moreover, even after you switch, we can still support your career growth because we will know your story, needs, and expectationsYou can apply for a position that seems interesting to you and in which you meet the requirements, then we will help you find the best fit during the recruitment process.We will help you decide on an open position that matches your background and experience during the walkthrough.