iOS Software Engineer @social media platform

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iOS Software Engineer @social media platform

Job description

Salary range 10.000 - 20.000 PLN net/month B2B or gross counterpart on UoP

Who are we?

A team of 18 people within the AppUnite family, working on products for various industries.

On a daily basis, we do our best to help our clients with the challenges that they are facing. Feeling responsible for our products is a crucial part of ownership which we are not afraid of. Quality is our daily driver. We think about the final product, not just the mere lines of code, and believe that individuals and interactions are more important than processes and tools. We aim to shape the way we work rather than accept the status quo.

What do we do?
The product has started as a social media platform and expanded to other industries such as fin-tech or audio conferencing. This variety allows us to solve truly diverse problems, use a broad spectrum of technologies and touch multiple areas of software development. We have obtained a significant user base, so we need to solve the problems at a scale, which proves to be a challenge that drives us every day.


Who are we looking for?
We are looking for a senior iOS developer, with at least 3 years of commercial experience, who will help us maintain and grow our applications, as well as lead the iOS part of our team. We are also open to developers who are not on the senior level yet - with the right mindset of yours, as well as some mentoring of experienced iOS developers in our team, we believe that you can get there with us. And what is thigh "right mindset about"?

  • You are proactive - we expect you to come up with ideas and technical improvements.

  • You want to learn every day - the growth mindset is a must-have.

  • You must be eager to take on the challenges - we run a huge codebase that powers complex features so you will find plenty of them here.

  • You are a team player - we expect you to cooperate closely with the rest of the team.

  • You are not afraid of telling the team what your opinion is - we want you to be involved in the decision-making process when it comes to choosing the right technical solution.

  • You can take care of the app quality - in terms of both - user experience and code.

Why should you choose to join our team?

  • We work on diverse products, using various technologies and learning how multiple industries work.

  • We give and receive feedback CONSTANTLY to ensure that you, the team, and the client, are on the right track.

  • We are flexible when it comes to how we organize our work - our goal is to solve problems using suitable tools instead of being attached to a single process.

  • We build products that are growing fast, thus the key elements of our systems are always crafted with a focus on quality and performance to ensure that they remain robust and maintainable.

  • We listen to each other to ensure that the good ideas are always considered, regardless of where they come from.

  • We work on products that twenty thousand users use every day (with over one hundred thousand active each month).

  • You will be able to learn by solving problems, which can only come with the scale of the product.

  • We participate in creating new features from the initial idea, through the technical review and assessment, to shipping it to the production.

What do we use?

  • Swift (we have a huge codebase and some of it is still using Obj-C)

  • RxSwift

  • Modular app architecture

  • Monorepo for our applications

  • Unit tests

  • Snapshot tests

  • Sourcery

  • SwiftGen

  • XcodeGen

  • Protobuf

Bear in mind that you are not required to be proficient with all of these tools and technologies to apply - they are here to give you a rough idea of what you can expect to work with on a daily basis.


  • Opportunity to participate in and help organize internal and/or public events, like board game/poker meetups, afterparty events (we meet online too!)
    • Participation in writing the perfect AppUnite’s employee guidebook, which explains and makes all of our internal processes transparent,
    • Book formula - Buy-a-Book program - an opportunity for any educational book you may want to be purchased by the company,
    • Possibility to work from an exotic location (Thailand or Portugal) as part of our workation program,
    • Spacious office space in the Poznań city center if you prefer meeting your colleagues on site,
    • Freedom to participate in any weekly organisation/R&D/code review internal meetups,
    • Free group English lessons with native speakers and other members of AppUnite,
    • The piggy bank - dedicated activities fund for each team member,
    • Flexible office hours and remote work possibility,
    • Co-financed software conferences attendance,
    • Co-financed multisport membership,
    • Paid vacation and sick days,
    • Private life insurance,
    • Private healthcare,
    • New MacBook.