iOS Software Engineer @fitness app

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iOS Software Engineer @fitness app

Job description

See you @ fitness app team

Who are we? 

We are a 9-person team (including you) who work for the world’s most famous fitness program.
Every day we help our client to best meet the needs of users so that fitness classes are conducted in the best possible way using our mobile applications.
Joining us you will also join our Appunite family, where you will have the great opportunity to learn from the very best.

What do we do? 

We are a team with a great dose of autonomy and we, as developers decide what tools and frameworks we use. At the moment, we maintain and develop 4 mobile applications, which were created by us from the ground up.

Our applications use as many media capabilities of a mobile device as you can think of. Starting from music and video playback, through recording, editing, and streaming, ending on picture processing utilizing machine learning. They also integrate with Apple Music and external devices like Bluetooth speakers or AppleTV. Since we have a great, long-term relationship with our client, we strongly focus on a healthy, sustainable codebase. In order to achieve that we use the industry's best practices and techniques. Because our apps recently start to talk more to each other, as well as share features, those practices will become even more crucial. We believe this is a perfect opportunity to learn, as in such situations benefits of using such techniques become even more apparent. So what do we mean by that? We extensively rely on unit testing, to be as certain as possible, that we're not breaking anything when introducing change.

  • We use modular design with dependency inversion in order to have possibly independent modules.
  • We heavily utilize automation tools, that help us make fewer mistakes. You can expect to work with such tools as xcodegen, swiftgen or swiftlint.
  • We often integrate our changes, in order to keep cooperation with our colleagues nice and smooth, but also to not end up with stale branches.
  • We make sure our apps are always in a deployable state.
  • We use automated deployment systems, that are entirely maintained in-house (you'll have the opportunity to work on that as well if that's something you'd like to learn).

What else can you expect from a technical standpoint?

  • We rely on reactive paradigms. Currently, we work with RxSwift.
  • We use Carthage as our package manager. Swift Package Manager is something that we consider at the moment.
  • Autolayout done programmatically is our way, so you won't work with storyboards too much.
  • We try to go with the newest stuff (Swift- and Xcode-wise) if it doesn't endanger our clients' products.


You would be the ideal fit for our team if you:

  • are smooth with Swift and Apple frameworks,
  • have experience with reactive programming,
  • can find your way around build automation and scripting,
  • are open to clash your ideas with other developers and share knowledge.

Our recruitment idea

We have projects from different sectors, using a variety of technology stacks, startup or enterprise environments, and in different phases of the product life cycle which require different skills and levels of experience from candidates. You can switch teams, but by mutual agreement between you and your leaders - it's all about discussion. This means that you won't be thrown into "projects” for a week and switch between them weekly, which sometimes happens in traditional software houses. Instead, you can plan your career path with us, since when you want to switch your technology, sector, team, or position, we will support you. Moreover, even after you switch, we can still support your career growth because we will know your story, needs, and expectations. You can apply for a position that seems interesting to you and in which you meet the requirements, then we will help you find the best fit during the recruitment process. We will help you decide on an open position which matches your background and experience during the walkthrough.