Go-lang developer/mentor (Relocation to Bali, Indonesia!)

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Go-lang developer/mentor (Relocation to Bali, Indonesia!)

Job description

Salary range 10.000 - 15.000 PLN net/month B2B

We pay for:

  • Relocation
  • PCR tests
  • Flight tickets
  • We co-finance on-site accommodation
  • On-site support

Many job advertisements require relocation to cities like London, Berlin, or Copenhagen... but those cities are not nearly as sunny and warm as Bali, Indonesia!

We are going to help you with the relocation process, pay for your tickets, visa and cover part of your costs of living in Bali 🛩️ . Additionally, you won't feel lonely - a couple of our teammates are already there!

How is it possible? Quite simply, we are looking for a Go-lang sensei who'd like to set off on a journey along the paths of education. We are looking for a person available in UTC+9 timezone who will be working as a Go-lang tutor during training for Japanese companies. Interested? Read more... 🤔

Work scope overview

We do online software development courses. We prepare lesson materials and exercises, lecture and teach, discuss with students, code with them, consult and take care of good knowledge absorption in a great atmosphere during each meeting 🥳.

Each course is totally different - several levels, various participants and many kinds of support. We always meet new people and new problems. Trust us - there is no way for you to get bored. 😎

We provide online courses for people from all over the world 🌍 So far, we have focused mostly on Japan, but we need you to help us scale our team to do more amazing stuff.


What will you do as a Member of our Team?

  • You will be responsible for creating lesson materials based on official documentation, popular articles and your own experience.
  • You will work as a teacher, consultant, support, or software development team member - your work will depend on the course type.
  • You will play a significant role in shaping and developing the course plan.
  • You will be involved in the process of designing UI and UX of different types of materials, from simple exercises to long-term projects.
  • Instead of having a list of tasks, we jointly define priorities and goals and find ways to address our audience's needs. We also have a lot of autonomy when it comes to deciding what to work on each week.

How to make sure that you are a good fit?

We expect you to:

• Have the need to learn all the time. You may lack the knowledge, but you should not lack the motivation to learn.

• Have some commercial experience in building Go-lang apps and be familiar with AWS technology.

• Have good problem-solving skills.

• Have a good English level (B2=<). All provided courses are in English.

• Have a positive attitude towards teaching, open-minded character, and communication skills. As a teacher, you have to know how to detect student's problems and help in solving them. Any kind of experience in education is valuable.

How to apply?

We don't expect you to solve any technical tasks. Just send us your:

  • Resume
  • 3 articles that you'll recommend to somebody who hasn't got any software development knowledge. Also, please point outsources you learn from on a daily basis
  • The short explanation of why you decided to apply and why you started programming in Go-lang

If you want to speed up the process, send us some code or link to the Github account so we can review it.

What does a typical course day look like?

We meet on Zoom with students and start with a small-talk about exercises from the previous day. Later, we start a new subject with a lecture and live coding to present software development's core concepts. During each lecture, we provide a Q&A session at the end of which we share exercises in reference to the topic discussed.

When students work on their exercises, we have time to observe their progress, help them and discuss individually. We spend most of our day solving exercises together with our participants.

In the end, we have time to prepare ourselves for the next day, to check exercises and make comments that help students to find their mistakes.


    • Opportunity to participate in and help organize internal and/or public events, like board game/poker meetups, afterparty events (we meet online too!)
    • Participation in writing the perfect AppUnite’s employee guidebook, which explains and makes all of our internal processes transparent,
    • Book formula - Buy-a-Book program - an opportunity for any educational book you may want to be purchased by the company,
    • Possibility to work from an exotic location (Thailand or Portugal) as part of our workation program,
    • Spacious office space in the Poznań city center if you prefer meeting your colleagues on site,
    • Freedom to participate in any weekly organisation/R&D/code review internal meetups,
    • Free group English lessons with native speakers and other members of AppUnite,
    • The piggy bank - dedicated activities fund for each team member,
    • Flexible office hours and remote work possibility,
    • Co-financed software conferences attendance,
    • Co-financed multisport membership,
    • Paid vacation and sick days,
    • Private life insurance,
    • Private healthcare,
    • New MacBook.

    About us

    AppUnite is a Software Development house based in Poznan, Poland. We've been delivering software to a range of companies all around the world since 2009. We always pick the newest software trends when implementing applications for our clients. We work remotely and onsite with clients from the US, Europe and Asia.

    Even though we started as a mobile applications software house, currently, we have equally large teams of back-end and front-end developers as well. Our main tech stack includes Swift/Kotlin/Flutter for mobile apps, Elixir for the back-end, Vue/React for the front-end.

    We value an async way of working: Asana/Slack + Git + CI. We constantly convince our clients (mainly with success 😉 ) that working with legacy solutions is rarely a good idea. Every week we do a company-wide session on our internal processes. We host ‘let it swift’ - iOS meetups and Poznan Elixir Group meetups. For two years, we’ve been running a Workation program in remote locations like Thailand or Portugal to keep ourselves in high spirits and get that gorgeous tan.

    Join and help us grow even more!