Front-end Developer (Vue/React)

  • Poznań, Poland

Front-end Developer (Vue/React)

Job description

Looking for new front-end challenges, fresh tech-stack and global clients to work with? Join AppUnite, a software house based in Poznań, Poland, that caters tech solutions to clients all over US, Europe and Asia since 2010.

We are looking for quick to learn front-end developers to extend our team of 80+ people. 

Working at AppUnite, you will:

  • Architect and develop web applications in modern ECMAScript and/or TypeScript,

  • Use modern React or Vue tech stack (depending on your preference / the project):

    • React: React 16.8 (with hooks and contexts), Redux, Next, Styled Components, Jest + Enzyme, Storybook, Webpack.

    • Vue: Vue 2.6, VueX, Sass, Nuxt, Jest/Mocha, Webpack.

  • Cooperate with creatives, business, and engineers alike,

  • Create code that is correct according to current accessibility and SEO rules (we care about ARIA attributes),

  • Follow best practices for writing, reviewing and deploying good code:

    • We use JIRA/ClickUp for tasks management,

    • Code is formatted with Prettier and linted with ESLint/TSLint,

    • Any changes to the code are submitted via PRs,

    • Each PR has to be reviewed by at least one other developer,

    • We have CI set up, that runs lint, unit and integration tests for each commit, and deploys current master to the staging automatically,

    • UI components are extracted to a public CDN with Storybook, that our designers and business people can access at any moment,

    • We do pair programming from time to time,

    • We test everything we can do with unit tests using Jest + Enzyme,

    • Visual design is tested automatically with visual regression testing tools like Happo,

    • Accessibility rules are tested,

    • Business functionalities are tested by our own QAs,

    • Designs are well prepared beforehand by professional designers and exported to Zeplin.


  • Big comfortable office in the heart of Poznań,
  • Flexible office hours and remote work possibility,
  • Freedom to participate in any weekly organisation/R&D/code review internal meetups,
  • Freedom to co-organize and/or attend any internal or public AppUnite events, like boarding game/poker meetups, afterparty events,
  • Possibility to work from our Workation mansion wherever it is located (i.e. Thailand, Portugal),
  • Possibility to fly and meet our clients directly in their home location (i.e. Los Angeles, Las Vegas),
  • Co-financed software conferences attendance,
  • MacBook and a shiny monitor,
  • Free group English lessons with native speakers and other members of AppUnite,
  • Participation in writing the perfect AppUnite’s employee guidebook, that explains and makes all of our internal processes transparent,
  • Private Medical Care,
  • Private Life Insurance,
  • Paid vacation and sick days.


  • At least 2 years of professional experience as a software developer,

  • Good knowledge of any modern framework like React, Vue,

  • Good knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 APIs,

  • Experience in styling with solutions like Styled Components/CSS Modules/PostCSS/Sass/Less,

  • (nice to have) Experience with modern front-end workflows: git flow, project management tools, unit and E2E testing, build tools, REST APIs, CLIs, CI/CD,

  • (nice to have) Managing complex application state with Redux/Vuex is nothing new to you - you have a passionate opinion on how the application you are working on should ideally look like, but you’re not too dogmatic about it so as not to ignore the business needs.

About us:

AppUnite is a Software Development house based in Poznan, Poland. We deliver software to range of companies all around the world since 2010. We always pick the newest software trends when implementing applications for our clients. We work remotely and onsite with clients from US, Europe and Asia.

Even though we started as a mobile applications software house, nowadays we have equally large groups of back-end and front-end developers as well. Our main tech stack includes Elixir/Node.js for the back-end, React/Vue for the front-end, Kubernetes for CI and Swift/Kotlin/Flutter for mobile apps.

We follow modern ways of async way of working: JIRA/ClickUp/Slack + Git + CI. We constantly convince our clients (mainly with success) that working with legacy solutions rarely is a good idea. Every week we do a company-wide session on our internal processes. We host Poznan Elixir Group meetups, and have people that have spoken on some of the biggest Elixir and JavaScript conferences in the world. For two years we’ve been running a Workation programme in remote locations like Thailand or Portugal to keep ourselves in high spirit and get that gorgeous tan.