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Front-end Developer

Job description

Looking for new front-end challenges, fresh tech-stack and global clients to work with? Join AppUnite, a software house based in Poznań, Poland, that caters tech solutions to clients all over US, Europe and Asia since 2010.

We are looking for quick to learn front-end developers to extend our team of 100+ people. 

Working at AppUnite, you will:

  • Architect and develop web applications in modern ECMAScript and/or TypeScript,

  • Use modern React or Vue tech stack (depending on your preference / the project):

    • React: React 16.8+ (with hooks and contexts), Redux, Next, Styled Components, Jest + Enzyme, Storybook, Webpack.

  • Cooperate with creatives, business, and engineers alike,

  • Create code that is correct according to current accessibility and SEO rules (we care about ARIA attributes),

  • Follow best practices for writing, reviewing and deploying good code:

    • We use JIRA/ClickUp for tasks management,

    • Code is formatted with Prettier and linted with ESLint,

    • Any changes to the code are submitted via PRs,

    • Each PR has to be reviewed by at least one other developer or Pair Programmed,

    • We have CI set up, that runs lint, unit and integration tests for each commit, and deploys current master to the staging automatically,

    • UI components are documented in Storybook, that our designers and business people can access at any moment,

    • We do pair programming from time to time,

    • We test everything we can do with unit tests using Jest + Enzyme and E2E tests using Cypress,

    • Visual design is tested automatically with visual regression testing tools like Happo,

    • Accessibility rules are tested,

    • Business functionalities are tested by our own QAs,

    • Designs are well prepared beforehand by professional designers and exported to Zeplin/Abstract.


  • At least 2 years of professional experience as a software developer,
  • Good knowledge of React framework,

  • Good knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 APIs,

  • Experience in styling with solutions like Styled Components/CSS Modules/PostCSS/Sass/Less,

  • (nice to have) Experience with modern front-end workflows: git flow, project management tools, unit and E2E testing, build tools, REST APIs, CLIs, CI/CD,

  • (nice to have) Managing complex application state with Redux/Vuex is nothing new to you - you have a passionate opinion on how the application you are working on should ideally look like, but you’re not too dogmatic about it so as not to ignore the business needs.


  • Big comfortable office in the heart of Poznań.
  • Flexible office hours and remote work possibility.
  • Freedom to participate in any weekly organisation/R&D/code review internal meetups.
  • Freedom to co-organize and/or attend any internal or public AppUnite events, like boarding game/poker meetups, afterparty events.
  • Possibility to work from our Workation mansion wherever it is located (i.e. Thailand, Portugal).
  • Co-financed software conferences attendance.
  • MacBook and a shiny monitor.
  • Free group English lessons with native speakers and other members of AppUnite.
  • Participation in writing the perfect AppUnite’s employee guidebook explains and makes all of our internal processes transparent.
  • Private Medical Care.
  • Private Life Insurance.
  • Paid vacation and sick days.
  • Multisport card.